Title:  You Are Watching The View Different From Me


題目: 你正看著與我不同的風景

Artists:  Adrian Chan Ka Chi; Kelvin Lam Kin Choi; Willy Poon Wai Lam   藝術家: 陳家智

Description:  Motorized display system projecting an illusion in video determined by temperature variations affecting light refraction   描述: 機動顯示系統,利用溫度影響光線折射,形成視像幻象
Technologies:  Infra-red heat sensors, video, programming, motorized mirrors, projector, transparent screen   採納技術:紅外線熱力感測器、視像、電腦程式、電動鏡子、投射機、透明屏幕
The refracted waves of heat that create the illusions above the hot sands of a desert have a unique connection with the illusions created by media technologies…both create images that fool our physical senses.   Inspired by desert mirages, the artists merge both media’s illusion and nature’s illusion, and the resulting artwork reminds us that the magic of being optically fooled is a foundation of making moving images.    熱浪折射,於大漠熱沙上製造出幻象,與媒體技術所創造的幻象獨有聯繫...兩者都製造出欺騙物理感官的影像。受沙漠海市蜃樓啟發,藝術家結合媒體與自然幻象,所創作出的作品提醒我們,魔術般的視象錯覺,正是動態影像的基礎。
Using an infra-red thermometer gun to measure desert ground temperature at varying heights, times, and locations, the artists used the collected data to program a visual effect similar to a mirage, controlling the motor using arduino and processing.  This ‘mediated mirage’ uses realtime Hong Kong temperature compared with recorded desert temperatures to overlay footage from the Mojave Desert 11663 kilometers away with an actual view of the Hong Kong skyline outside the windows of the Creative Media Centre.   利用紅外線測溫計,於不同高度、時間、地點測量沙漠地面溫度,藝術家得以利用蒐集到的資料編寫電腦程式,效果與海市蜃樓相像,並利用arduino平台與運算控制馬達。這個間接的海市蜃樓以香港的實時氣溫與紀錄的沙漠氣溫作比較,將位處11,663公里外的莫哈韋沙漠的景象,與創意媒體中心窗外的真實香港城市輪廓,互相重疊。

Artist Statements:
“I am interested in art about time and space. The mirage work is an illustration on the topic. Seeing the space that you can never reach is sad but beautiful at the same time. The trip is a great experience to ‘touch’ the mirage!” Kelvin Lam Kin Choi

“Being an artist but working like a scientist in California is the most impressive experience I have ever had. Collect and Express, Control and Experiment, Rationality and Emotionality, recalls my life at high school when I was a science student who self-studied art. Now is the reverse.” Willy Poon Wai Lam

“It's neither simply about art, nor science, but how we bridge them by means of a ‘pseudo–mirage’. Like the nature of mirage, we merge two different things into one.”  Adrian Chan Ka Chi