Title:  Shadow Donation



Artists:  Alan Kwan Tsz Wai; Stephanie Mak Ying Tung   藝術家:  關子維、麥影彤
Description:  A light installation that causes the shadows of a native California tree to be cast from a native Hong Kong tree   描述:  光線裝置,使香港原生的樹木,能投出加州原生樹木的影子。
Technologies:  Florescent lighting, plexiglass, wood   採納技術:  光管、樹脂玻璃、木料
In a densely built environment like Hong Kong, many of the trees live in the shade of skyscrapers and never cast shadows; this is the opposite of desert botanical plants which never receive any respite from the sun’s harsh light…never shaded and always casting a shadow.  In this installation, the artists transfer the shadow from the Mojave Desert to a tree in Hong Kong that has never had one—using media to merge two indigenous plants into one sculpture.   在有如香港般建築林立的城市,不少樹木都生存在摩天大廈的影子下,永無機會投下自己的影子。這情況正與沙漠的植物相反;它們從沒機會從兇猛的陽光下得到歇息...它們注定不受遮蔽,注定要投下孤獨的影子。藝術家將莫哈韋沙漠的影子移植至香港一株無影樹的樹下──利用媒體將兩株原生植物結合成一個雕塑,創出此裝置作品。
Using specialized papers and working at specific times of sunlight, the artists traced the shadows of various desert cacti—early evening desert light is paired with simulated early morning Hong Kong light.   使用特製紙料,並在特定日光時間下工作,藝術家臨摹出不同沙漠仙人掌的影子──日落時分的沙漠餘暉與模擬的香港清晨曙光組成配對。
Artist Statement:
“Our inspiration came from the shadowless trees in a cold emotionless urban area crowded with skyscrapers.   We decided to give them a gift – a shadow of a tree from California, where it is far more spacious than Hong Kong and the trees are privileged to have a full shadow.” Alan Kwan Tsz Wai; Stephanie Mak Ying Tung

「我們的靈感來『無影樹』 ,它們來自冰冷、欠缺感情、充滿摩天大樓的市區。我們決定為這些樹木帶來餽贈:由加州遠渡而來的樹木影子。加州比香港地方大得多,樹木有權擁有屬於自己的完整影子。」關子維、麥影彤