Title:  When A Circle Meets The Sky



Artist:  Carla Chan Ho Choi   藝術家:  陳好彩
Description: Video installation created by a location-specific weathervane  capturing reflection determined by wind speed and direction   描述: 視像裝置,由特定地點的風向標獲取資料,由風速與風向決定內容。
Technologies:  Video projection, mechanical engineering, mirrors, multiple micro-cameras, wood, steel   採納技術:  視像投影、機械結構、鏡子、多個微型鏡頭、木材、鋼材
Cinema, by design, is a directional medium.  A camera faces its subject; the crew hides behind the sightlines.  In this artwork, cinema was created that looks both forward and backwards simultaneously.  Instead of a cameraman selecting our perspective, the artist allows the wind itself to choose our view.  Nature shoots a film with no human interaction and no human presence that is intensified by the isolation of the remote desert environment.   電影本質上就是具方向的媒介。鏡頭面向主體;製作人員隱藏在鏡頭後。本作品中創造電影,但此電影能同時前瞻與後顧。在這電影中,沒有攝影師選擇我們的視角;取而代之的是藝術家讓風選擇我們的視角。自然拍攝電影,不受人為干預,沒有人的演出,偏遠的沙漠環境更強化這一特質。
The artist engineered a kinetic metal structure, mirrors, and micro-cameras to create a visual, mediated weathervane.   The camera faces the landscape and a round mirror looks back, shifting by changes in the wind.   藝術家建造動態金屬結構,利用鏡子及微型攝影機製造出視覺上的間接風向標。相機面向景色,而圓形的鏡子回望,受風向而擺動。
Artist Statement:
“The environment is shapeless form and it creates a perfect circle.” Carla Chan Ho Choi



Thank yous:

Jarvis Sui helped me to build the weather vane, Romie Littrell helped me to build the wooden stand, and Scott Hessels organized the event.

Jarvis Sui 協助我製作風向標,Romie Littrell助我製造木架,Scott Hessels統籌活動。