Title:  Un/Predictable Paths


題目: Un/Predictable Paths 《不/可測的路途》

Artist:  Amy Kong Yuk Chi   藝術家:  江玉智
Description:  Multidirectional path capture   描述:  多方向路徑捕捉
Technologies:  Accelerometer, inflatable plastic ball, micro-camera, video, programming   採納技術:  重力感測器、吹氣膠球、微型攝影機、視像、電腦程式
The paths created by built environments—our sidewalks, roads and subways—force us to follow fixed routes.  However, in open spaces, paths occur once following the random forces of nature.  These one-off roadways are lost moments after they are travelled but in this mapping artwork they are captured and recreated, making them permanent through mediation.   人為建造的路徑──行人路、車路、隧道──迫使我們跟從固定的路途前進。然而,在開放的空間內,路徑隨著自然而隨機生成。這些越野路徑在走過的一刻已然消逝,但在這個製圖作品中,路徑會透過地圖的中介獲紀錄、再生, 成為永恆。
A 1-meter diameter plastic ball was rolled down the rocky hills of Mojave’s Hidden Valley and the walking path of Hong Kong’s Pottinger Street (known to locals as ‘Stone Slab Street’). Inside the ball was an accelerometer sensing the applied force and a video camera recording the tumbling process.  Using processing, 3D softwares, and documentary video, the data of the two sites is contrasted.   沿莫哈韋沙漠的隱身谷(Hidden Valley)山邊,讓直徑一米的塑膠球自由滾下;在香港的砵典乍街(又名石板街)重複同樣動作。球內設置重力感測器,感應所受的力度,並備有攝錄機拍攝滾動過程。組合運算,三維軟件,及記錄錄像,比較兩個地點的數據。
Artist Statement: 
“Fancy the adventurous spirit of a tumbleweed rolling along its unforeseeable journey in nature compared to our walking on the same old designated city paths day after day. A random path may not be easy to follow, you may get stuck, or need to go back and start again, but it is always worth trying and could be really enjoyable.” Amy Kong Yuk Chi



Thank yous:

Thank you all and especially… (In alphabetical order) Even Sun Yifan, Charis Pang Wai Yue, Hanton Yang Xiantao, Janice Zhang Yixuan, Joan Yip Pui Chi, Oscar Au Kin Chung, Ray Ngan Wai, Steven Levon Ounanian and Verena Henn.  Thanks for the care & support from family & friends & kind strangers!

感謝各位,特別鳴謝...(順英文字母排列)孫軼凡、彭慧瑜、楊顯濤、張軼軒、葉佩芝、區建忠、顏威、Steven Levon Ounanian 及Verena Henn。謝謝家人、朋友及友善路人的關懷和支持!