Title:  Spectral Transformation



Artist:  Verena Henn   藝術家:  Verena Henn
Description:  Single-channel sound and video installation based on sand movement and vibration at the Kelso “Singing” Dunes.   描述:  單頻道聲音與視像裝置,根據科爾索「鳴沙」沙丘的移動與震動而創作
Technologies:  Video, Microphones, Digital synthesizer and sequencer   採納技術:  視像、麥克風、電子合成器與編序器
The friction of layers of sand within the Kelso Dunes in the Mojave Desert creates a sound that rings and booms, a unique aural effect specific to only a few places on the planet.  Using captured sound, the artist mixes natural with digital, mediating an unusual rare sonic phenomenon found in nature with programmed effects never found in nature, integrating the virtual and natural in a sound and video installation.   科爾索沙丘砂層間的磨擦,製造出既像鈴聲亦像撞擊的聲音;這種獨特的音響效果只能在世上寥寥幾個地方聽到。將聲音錄下之後,藝術家將自然聲效混合數碼音響,融合罕有的自然音像與電腦編成的人工效果,創作出自然混雜虛擬的聲光裝置作品。
The artist’s physical interaction with the sand itself, in a variety of movements and contact points, created different sounds with the dunes.   The recording was almost performative: the dunes themselves became the instrument for creating sound.  The artist then synthesized and manipulated these sounds and added a cinematic component to enhance the experience.   藝術家與沙親身接觸,不同的動作與接觸點在沙丘上形成不同的聲音。錄音帶著強烈的表演意味:沙丘化成創作聲音的樂器。藝術家隨之合成並操作聲音,加進電影元素,增強效果。
Artist Statement:
“Much of my work is shaped by an underlying preoccupation with meticulous precision. Not surprisingly, my first encounter with the “singing” dunes was through sound spectra, the graphic representations of the strength of a sound at various frequencies. The strict arrangement of a complex phenomenon into a curved line along X and Y-axes is taken up in my editing technique where I deal with similar X and Y values. Yet, despite this similarity to such scientific representations, the creative treatment that the recorded material has undergone in the digital video and sound editing process gives my work new richness and complexity.” Verena Henn

我不少的作品都反映我對細緻與準確的執著。我首次接觸「鳴沙」沙丘是通過聲譜──即以圖像表達聲音在不同頻率的強度。將複雜現象嚴謹地轉化成一條沿X與Y軸成形的曲線,與我在剪輯技術上應用到的X與Y數值有相類之處。即使與科學表達如此相近,在電子影像與聲音的剪輯過程中,讓錄製材料經歷創意處理,為我的作品帶來嶄新的豐富內涵與複雜性。」Verena Henn


Thank yous:

“I would like to thank Terry Au for his ongoing support and the countless hours spent debating about my work.”


「我要感謝區智恆不懈的支持;他與我花了無數小時討論我的作品。」Verena Henn