Title:  SlowMap:  Following the Desert Tortoise



Artist:  Janice Zhang Yixuan, Hanton Yang Xiantao   藝術家:   張軼軒、楊顯濤
Description:  Data visualization of the movement and declining population of the endangered desert tortoise due to invasive natural and human forces.   描述:  數據視像化作品,紀錄受保護沙漠龜的行動,與其因自然及人為影響而日漸減少的數量。
Technologies:  GPS, programming   採納技術:  全球定位系統(GPS)、電腦程式
The declining desert tortoise population is being mapped as 30 tortoises are now fitted with GPS systems.  Our newfound ability to track and mediate living animals, to follow their relationships and responses to changes in the habitat, is yet another form of social networking…although now within other species.  The app created by these artists shows the world and the threats of the endangered tortoise, inspiring the user to ask questions and learn more about their conservation.   在30隻沙漠龜身上裝上衛星導航儀器,紀錄日漸縮減的沙漠龜數量。這種新型的技術,讓我們追蹤活生生的動物,監察它們之間的關係,看它們如何回應原居地的變化,這是另一種形式的社會網絡,只不過是應用在另一種物種上。藝術家所編寫的應用程式,展示沙漠龜受到的威脅,誘使使用者發問,認識更多關於沙漠龜的保育。
For the visualization, the artists used processing and other programming libraries to analyze data from The Desert Tortoise Recovery Office as well as research from The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, The Mojave Desert Association, and numerous wildlife organizations.  The app shows the population, distribution and footprint of detected tortoises, a 7-year timeline and a dynamic network of threat factors contributing to their mortality.
  視像化過程中,藝術家使用運算及其他程式庫分析沙漠龜保護辦公室(Desert Tortoise Recovery Office)、美國漁業與野生動物局(U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)、莫哈維沙漠學會(Mojave Desert Association)及其他數個野生動物機構提供的數據。應用程式顯示族群數量、受監察沙漠龜的足跡、7年的時間線、及由影響它們死亡率的因素所組成動態網絡。


Artist Statement:
“As a B.A. Major in Biology, and M.F.A in Creative Media, I am dedicated exclusively to exploring the interdisciplinary challenges between biology and art. I recreated the data visualization, using more consistent data and wrote this application software to create the footprint of the desert tortoise.” Janice Zhang Yixuan

“Studying in the School of Creative Media, I am learning how to use the computer as an artistic tool. Getting inspired by great artworks, I have made this toy as my first attempt to let programming speak beauty.” Hanton Yang Xiantao





Thank yous:
“I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to my husband, Even Sun Yifan, who has given and continues to give me the support and encouragement that keeps my work in progress.” Janice Zhang Yixuan

“Dedicated to my girlfriend, Xian Fengming and my family.” Hanton Yang Xiantao